Website Plans

You will want to keep your new website current and fresh. Periodically adding new content, photos, and functionality will improve your search engine ranking and keep your visitors coming back. Having a maintenance plan gives you peace of mind knowing your site is in good hands. See our chart below to determine which plan is right for you.



1 hour of maintenance updates per month
1-3 business days turnaround
$75 per month

Basic Plus

3 hours of maintenance updates per month
1-3 business days turnaround
$150 per month


5 hours of maintenance updates per month
1-3 business days turnaround
$175 per month

Details of Monthly Plans
Rush requests are $10/hour extra (done in 1 business day).
Additional hours are billed at $75/hour.
Monthly plans are automatically billed at the beginning of the month.
Cancel any time.

Pay & Go

Minimum of 30 minutes required
1-3 business day(s) turnaround
$75/hour due at completion

Tasks included

  • Unlimited email or skype consultation.
  • One-on-one phone or communication upon request Testing after every edit.
  • Full Backup copy of your website.
  • Update WordPress & Plugins.
  • Security Scans.
  • Color Changes: Changes to existing color scheme.
  • File Uploads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other publications.
  • Flash Animations: Changes to text or replacement of photos within existing Flash components.
  • Forms: Changes to text and replacing contact email addresses in existing forms.
  • Menus/Navigation: Additions, deletions and placement changes using existing webpage design.
  • New Pages: Addition of new pages based on the existing webpage design.
  • Photos/Images: Additions, deletions and basic retouching of existing graphics.
  • Text: Additions, deletions and formatting of plain text and links.
  • Videos: Insertion or deletion of existing videos.
  • Friendly, personal service.

Tasks not included

  • New Pages: Design of new webpages not using the existing webpage design.
  • Menus/Navigation: Complete or partial redistribution or mapping of existing navigation.
  • Photos/Images: Extensive photo retouching and/or manipulation and creation of new images.
  • Video: Production and editing of video projects.
  • Flash Animations: Extensive graphics and functionality work on new and existing Flash components.
  • Forms: Programming and addition of new forms.
  • Functionality: Addition of new functionality, such as shopping carts, using the existing webpage design.

You will receive a new quote before starting any work not included in our website maintenance plans.